Driver Error And Its Contribution To Car Accidents

When driving on a highway, drivers need to stay alert and focused on the road in order to avoid accidents. Aside from the pedestrian, a driver would also have to worry about structures as well as incoming cars. In a busy highway, driver error can become a matter of life and death. According to Evans Moore, LLC, driver error can result to serious injuries resulting to financial and physical difficulties.

According to research, human error in car accidents can be attributed to one of three main causes. Perceptual error refers to situations that are below the threshold for seeing. For instance, the light was too dim or the driver was blinded by a glaring light. The second cause of car accident due to human error is the most common factor which is failure to attend or notice. In this type of error, the driver was able to detect the possible hazard but failed to react because their mental focus was somewhere else.

Aside from putting themselves in harm, driver error can also put at risk pedestrians and properties or structures. Driver error is often unintentional but can cause huge damage when it happens. A third reason for car accidents due to driver error is that the driver may correctly process the information but was unable to select the correct response. For example, the intention was to hit the brake but they stepped on the gas instead.

The 2015 Fatal Causation Study of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 94 percent of car accidents were due to driver error. A Dallas injury lawyer will tell you that driver error such as speeding, distracted driving, DUI, exceeding the speeding limit can contribute to car accidents which can often lead to serious injuries.

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