Gun Silencer or Suppressor

Benefits of a Gun Silencer or Suppressor

Purchasing a gun silencer or suppressor has become increasingly difficult in the US. However, the process of acquiring a gun suppressor is still worthwhile as the device has many benefits. Here are just some of the reasons to go through the process of buying a gun silencer:

  1. Silencers make gun use safer. According to the Suppressed Weapons System website, silencers have the ability to reduce back and shoulder pressure from gun recoil, as well as reduce or eliminate the harmful effects on one’s hearing. Using a gun without a suppressor can leave the shooter with lifelong ear damage. Suppressors can decrease the decibel level of a firearm 14 to 45 dB.
  2. Gun silencers can increase accuracy. On average, shooters have better aim with light-recoiling firearms. Similar to a muzzle brake, suppressors reduce recoil by decreasing the amount of gas pressure that would push the gun back into the shooter’s shoulder.
  3. Silencers are helpful hunting tools. Gun silencers for hunting purposes are currently legal in 37 states and create a more ethical hunting experience. Silencers not only help the hunter have a more accurate shot but also reduce the chances of spooking the target or any future targets.
  4. A gun silencer will make your neighbors happy. Noise complaints are a very common challenge for current gun owners practicing in places like suburban gun clubs. Neighbors who are unhappy with the sound of gunshots often file petitions in the hopes of getting the gun range shut down, and sometimes they win. Silencers allow gun owners to practice their shot without the risk of upsetting nearby neighbors.

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