All You Need To Know About No-Zone Trucking Accidents

Blind spot accidents represent one of the most common and fatal truck crashes that can happen on the road. Studies revealed that accidents involving trucks and cars are likely to happen in these blind spots also known as “no-zones.” It was for this reason that the US Congress directed the Federal Highway Administration to educate motorists on how to safely share the road with trucks.

According to, trucks have more blind spots than a regular vehicle. Other drivers are virtually invisible to a truck driver when they are driving in the no-zone areas. For this reason, you need to stay away from these spots to avoid colliding with them. Understanding the different blind spots of trucks can be a good way to prevent devastating crashes with these large vehicles.

Oklahoma personal injury lawyers will tell you that trucks have large no-zone spots that you should avoid. Generally, trucks have the following no truck zones:

  • An area roughly a car’s length or longer from the rear of the trailer
    A small area directly in front of the driver where the tractor blocks the view of the driver
  • A relatively small area on the driver’s side which extends from the side-view mirrors of the tractor to the front of the trailer
  • A large area on the passenger’s side which starts at the side-view mirror down to the length of the trailer, with marginal visibility near the rear of the trailer on the right hand side.

Even if a driver should be aware of these blind spots, it is still up to the truck driver to ensure that there are no other vehicles in these areas before they change direction or speed. If you find yourself in one of these spots, take the necessary precaution and drive a safe distance. This will allow you to react quickly on the actions of the truck you are following.

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