Benefits of Functional Capacity Employment Testing

The number of workplace accidents and injuries has greatly increased over the years. In a study conducted by IME Care Center, approximately 3 million workers were injured or became sick while performing their jobs. Aside from that, 4,679 employees died because of work-related accidents. The effects of workplace related injuries or death can have a devastating effect not only on the employee but also on the employer.

In order to lower expenses on workers’ compensation and workplace incidents, many companies are now conducting pre-employment screening on prospective employees. Also called functional capacity employment testing, the aim of such tests is to determine a person’s ability to work safely. When an employee has recovered from an injury or illness, their employer would want to make sure that they are indeed fit to work.

On an employer’s perspective, an employee who returns too soon could mean huge expenses on medical and insurance. A functional capacity screening can help an employer determine the capacity of an employee to work safely once again. This is especially true for employees that have heavy job demands.

In functional capacity screening, an injured worker’s ability is matched with the demands of the job. Let us say that a postal worker’s job is to carry bags of mail and walk long distance, the functional screening may test their ability to walk and carry heavy weights if they have just recovered from a back injury. If they are deemed not yet fit to resume their previous work, they might be assigned to do desk jobs first until they are ready to return to the same work they are doing.

Functional capacity screening is a good measure for preventing workplace injuries. These tests will allow you to know the limits and risks of an employee can help prevent injuries to other workers. At the same time, it may help employers determine the eligibility of their employees for workers’ compensation, social security, and other benefits.

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